Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flannel Baby Blanket - Success!

So, a few weeks ago I decided that LittleFoot needed a new blanket. He has several baby blankets we received as gifts, but I wanted a blanket big enough to tuck into his crib mattress, not too thick, a cute pattern of my choosing, and one that didn't cost $30.

Enter Monaluna Urban Blooms flannel fabric. Cost = $7.75 a yard here.

I had planned on purchasing some organic flannel on Etsy for around $14/yard but on a trip to Wal-Mart a few days ago (on a Saturday smack dab in the middle of the holiday rush) I found some super soft, unbleached, undyed, flannel fabric for $2.97/yard. Yeah. 11 bucks cheaper than the organic one. I guess I can live with that.

Since I don't have a rotary cutter or self-healing mat yet (but I will in 3 days), I had to measure the fabric on the kitchen table using scissors, a basic ruler, marking pen, and some faith that I could cut the fabric straight, which I didn't. Oh, I also had E helping me, which was good and bad. But I won't go into detail here. 

Anyway, after I cut the fabric, I let it sit there for a few hours and look pretty cause I was too scared to sew it for fear that I wouldn't sew it straight (I have a problem with straight lines - cutting, sewing, drawing). It was somewhere around 10 at night when I finally threw caution to the wind and just did it. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. When I was finished I turned the blanket right side out, ironed it, and had E top-stitch it the first time around. Then I took over and top-stitched the 2nd time. I think it turned out pretty good, considering how worried I was that it would turn out lopsided. 

Here is LittleFoot moments after we finished it:

 Here is another pic of it, up close:

It would appear that Littlefoot likes it, no?

So let's see....

$7.75 for the top fabric
$2.97 for the bottom fabric
1 hour total of my (and E's) time

= a happy baby and his happy blanket


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