Friday, January 8, 2010

My Sewing Machine

I'm guessing that checking your google reader isn't supposed to be a chore and you shouldn't sigh heavily when you see that you have 178 unread postings cause you know it's gonna take you 2 hours to get through them all.

But dude. So many tutorials. So many fabric lines. So many talented people helping out beginner (beginning?) sewers like me. There's so much information and I don't want to miss anything. I can spend all day just reading the tutorials (and never attempting any of them cause I'm a chicken).

One thing that I have learned is that I need a better sewing machine. We use a Janome in my sewing class and it's great! I love it so much. It's got so many different feet and even has a speed control on the machine itself. Stitches come out super straight and the fabric feeds beautifully.

My machine, however, is like a hyper puppy. You step on the pedal and it wants to take off. It gets the job done for sure, but I know I could be doing so much better with a machine that has more functions.

Truth be told, I think if you're eager to learn to sew, you should probably invest in a decent machine. A machine under $100 (which is what I have) is probably not going to cut it. Unless, of course, you can't afford anything better and/or you are determined to learn no matter what (this sentence applies to me). In which case, the machine I use is worth the money if only because of it's ease to thread and wind the bobbin and the fact that I'm still using the same needle that it came with and haven't had to change it yet (probably should have by now, but haven't. cause I'm lazy).

With all that said, here is the machine I use:

You can find it here

It's extremely simple (as the name implies). Nothing fancy. Nothing to write home about. But as I said, it gets the job done. And it's portable (comes with a handle on top). Which is very helpful when you live at Casa Luna (more on that later). 

Hope that helped anyone who might stumble upon this page by accident (which is highly unlikely). That doesn't include you, H. Cause you shouldn't be stumbling upon this page by accident. It should be on PURPOSE.


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